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The below list was originaly created and maintained by Bruce Monnin for a number of years. Among other this and thats, some of Bruces time is now spent editing ( and writing, and looking for submissions for ) the The Boardgamer, a cool 32 page magazine covering Avalon Hill games.

AHIKS is a PBM/PBeM gamer organization run by gamers for gamers. Additional information on AHIKS, ( including how to join ), can be found at the AHIKS homepage

Steve Andriakos : Panzerblitz, Afrika Korps, Crusader, Pacfic War, Battleground:Bugle - Ardennes Deluxe, Battle of the Bugle'65
Chas Argent : Decision At Kasserine, To The Green Fields Beyond, Britain Stands Alone, also open to suggestions
Jeff Blachorn : History Of The World, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, WS&IM (Computer)
Tom Bourne : PanzerBlitz, PanzerLeader
Bob Brown
Lawrence Cockburn : '45, The Jacobite Rebellion.
Rod Coffey : Any Board Stategy game
Walter Compton : Talonsoft Battleground series games, Dragoon by BOKU Strategy games, and Soldiers at War by SSI
Richard Cottrell
Art Dempsey : Panzer General, Waterloo (Talonsoft), other computer games
John Dietrich : Napoleon's First Battles, Rebels & Redcoats II, Roads To Gettysburg, Stonewall Jackson's Way, ASL
Bill Edwards
Mike Forte : pre-WW2 ADC2
John Grant, Jr Bitter Woods, Krieg!, BKN, War Without Mercy. Prefer to PBeM using ADC2.
Mark Gutfreund : The Russian Campaign, Victory In The Pacific, War At Sea, Waterloo, Afrika Korps, Breakout Normandy
Alan Hayes : The Russian Campaign
Kirk Irby : ADC2
Walter JarekThe Russian Campaign
Charlie Jehlen
Andy Johnson III
Stephen Llewellyn
Steve Lohr : Advanced Civilization, American Civil War(I-Magic), Shiloh, TacOps
Nick Markevich
Mark MilkeGM of an EIA game and in need of a Turkish player as of 13FEB99, contact is intrested
Chuck Minshew
Bruce Monnin : History Of The World, Runs the War At Sea PBeM ladder, Across 5 Aprils, Afrika Korps
Clement A. Mulloy The Russian Campaign, Bulge '81, Fortress Europa, and Bull Run
Paul Nied
Tom Pavy : Runs an internet/PBeM Breakout Normandy Ladder (drop him a line to join). Battle of the Bulge '91, Fortress Europa
Alan Poulter :Home Page : Willing to Player-GM any number of multi-player games, just waiting for some of us to take him up on it!
Kev Reid : I am interested in GM'ing a game of Fifth Frontier War by GDW
Duncan Rice Up Front (AH - play by web), West Front, East Front II, Rising Sun , Operational Art of War II, Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord , Steel Panthers I, Panzer Blitz, Operational Art of War, Battleground 3: Waterloo
Mike Rowles : Achtung! Spitfire, Advanced Squad Leader, Air Force/Dauntless, Blitzkrieg, Ironclads, Over The Reich, Triplanetary, Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Ken Rutkowski : Panzerblitz, Advanced Third Reich
Mike Stachowski
Chris Stewart : Cross of Iron, Crescendo Of Doom
Tom Thornsen : Open to sugestions.
Paul Warnick Flat Top, Advanced Squad leader, Waterloo, 1776, Advanced Third Reich, Afrika Korps
Andrew York
George Young

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