Caesar Award

All BPA PBeM events concluding after WBC 2002 will be part of the Annual Caesar Award for BPA's Competitor of the Year. See the Caesar Award page for details. Therefore, all PBeM GMs are required to submit a list of the top six places at the end of the competition.

For those games where places beyond second are not customarily assigned and playoff rounds to decide such are not envisioned or practical, GMs can simply use the common tie-breaker method of awarding the next place to the last player defeated by the eventual winner or runner-up.

Example: A two-player, single elimination tournament -

Final: Al won by beating Bob.
Semi-Final: Al beat Chuck. Bob beat Don.
Quarter final: Al beat Ed. Bob beat Fred. Chuck beat George. Don beat Hal.
Places: Al, Bob, Chuck, Don, Ed, and Fred in that order.

Before starting any new BPA PBeM tournament always submit a full list of players complete with their email addresses to at least a week before the event starts to verify their BPA membership. Do not assume that just because you've stated repeatedly that the event is for BPA members only that all players are indeed BPA members.

When contemplating a new event start, always prepare your website in advance with all rules pertaining to the event and notify BPA of your intended starting date. Allow at least ten weeks from that point before your event start to allow BPA to inspect your web page, list your event on their calendar and announce it twice in upcoming email newsletters.

Lastly, stress in advance the expected response time required of players to participate and what timing mechanisms will be used and the consequences for failing to meet those deadlines. This is especially vital in multi-player games where a player on vacation delays numerous opponents - not just one. Multi-player games are especially vulnerable to player attrition so have a plan in place about what happens to abandoned positions when someone drops out or fails to keep up with the announced game pace.

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