Musket & Pike Battle Series: Retreat

My present understanding of the retreat rules is:

A unit may never retreat adjacent to the unit(s) that cause the retreat. If unable to do so consult the Unable to Retreat Rules. Otherwise, the priorities are:
  • Priority #1: The retreat increases the distance from any one unit caused the retreat.
  • Priority #2: The retreat is toward the friendly edge of the board.
  • Priority #3: The path is one would cost the least number of movement points to reach the map edge.

    Each priority must be met if at all possible in order of priority. The idea is number one move away from the attacker and while doing so try and move toward the friendly board edge in the fastest possible manner. The end hex is taken into account when deciding the first hex of retreat.

    All retreats are two hexes. In the images;

  • Blue circle is the unit that must retreat.
  • Red circle is the unit(s) that cause the retreat.
  • Black dots are possible first retreat hexes
  • Blue dots are possible second retreat hexes.

  • Easy. Note the presence of non-involved enemy units do not affect Priority #1 or #2.

    The retreating unit is Morale Shaken, though not shown as such in the diagrams.

    Priority #3 could have an affect here, but the diagram does not show it.

    Friendly edge flipped. A retreat through 2504 would result in an end hex farther from the friendly edge than through 2503. Friendly edge to the side., the xx05 row.
    The unit may not retreat to 2504 as this will lead to a final retreat of only one hex away from the causing unit while a retreat through 2503 will lead to a retreat of 2 hexes away. Hexes 2602 and 2502 are both:
  • two hexes away from the causing unit
  • equi-distant from row xx05
  • and from each it will take 4mp (counting a facing change) to reach xx05 from a Priority #3 perspective.
  • Hex 2041 is the only possible retreat hex two hexes from the causing unit.
    No end hex will satisfy priority #1, so look to priority #2.
    The end of the line. The retreating unit will retreat one hex to 2503, then roll on the Unable To Retreat table. Not much on priority #3 so far. Of the eight previous diagrams, six have only one blue dot per Priority #1 and #2. For these six, Priority #3 would not be considered.

    Here, priority #3 forces the end hex.

    ConsimWorld post #11870. When there is only One two-hex retreat, that is the one taken.

    The first hex of retreat satisfies Priority #1, as all first hex retreats Must, otherwise the unit is rolling on the Unable to Retreat Table. The first hex of the retreat did not satisfy Priority #2, nor could it.

    The second hex of retreat satisfied neither Priority #1 or #2, nor could it, but because it was at least a second hex, no need to roll on the Unable to Retreat Table.

    The L2 musketeer in 2818 and the 6-7 HI in 2816 have no reaction move/fire versus the completed retreat of Grona, or any Retreating unit (Advancing or Pursing units are another story).

    A word on Priority #3

    From my experience in numerous games with numerous fellow gamers, Priority #3 has proved problematic at best. Seems a fair number of gamers do not use this rule to the letter, and ain't that how you're supposed too... and I no longer care to bring it up if I see it come into play. And when used it takes some time to work out in the more terrain/large scenarios as to be truly not worth it.

    Here I quote William R. form ConsimWorld post #11891 on Priority #3, "I wish it were that simple when discussing retreats with opponents....".

    In my opinion, For any given combat one or two hex rout/retreat, a good house rule would be to just ignore Priority 3.

    This is the one and only MPBS House Rule I recommend (and play with most the time without even bringing the request up... I am watching Priorities #1 and #2 though, got too, them two are the Law).

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