Musket & Pike: First Newbury

Parliament: William Raynovich
Royalists : Hank Burkhalter


Going well so far. Actually had some good, very good luck on my right. Prince Rupert down two cav and another MB. Royalist Center Wing has to adjust. It will take time for that center wing to line up. And they are not blocking my cav advance on my left.

Turn 1

Prince Rupert is not outsmarting Skippon. I am Purposefully staying in Charge so the Royalists cannot call a break. My advance is intentionally slow. Earl of Essex is helping Skippon with keeping the line strong.

Turn 2

Left Wing begins attack. It is working. Whittling down the Royalist Right. I hope to get to the HI back with my left cav wing. The HI advance to protect the hill. they feel that Prince Rupert is becoming less of a threat.

Turn 3

Royalist Right have one unit left. Earl of Essex is there to help finish them off and get behind a might Royalist Center wing. Parl. Center Forming up quite nicely. Prince Rupert has to fall back and reform his line. Parliament right is setting up another defensive line using terrain for additional protection.

Turn 4

Did not get rid of Royalist right yet! Working on it, thankfully Earl of Essex is there to help reform. Staying in Charge so that Royalist CANNOT call a break. NOTE: Strategy error and play error. Dragoons in 1912 are part of Right Wing. We confused him later on with being in Center wing. He will become OoC. BUT ALSO I he is poorly placed. If he is CC'd and loses, my HI will very likely become Hedgehogged.

Turn 5

Royalist Right hanging on! Prince Rupert Still reforming. . . HA! NOTE: that Dragoon is OoC. I am going to need to move him. Skippon is just using terrain as a defense. Prince Rupert will have to take a good deal of time to get ready to attack.

Turn 6

Royalist Right eliminated finally! Look at the time it is taking to set up Rupert. NOTE the gap where the HI back is exposed. Royalist LI are setting up to protect the HI rear. Parliament Left has to get into OO to get to the HI rear. At this point I am NOT in Charge. Royalist though have no good reason to call a break and if they do, Parliament is in the lead. It would only really benefit them now. Royalist last charge with left was not really successful. Center wing has lost forces, but Earl of Essex is still pretty confident.

Turn 7
Turn 8

Due to the Royalist LI, Parliament Left goes to help Skippon on the Parliament RIght (Not sure that is realistic. How would the left know that Skippon could use help? Anyway, Parliament HI has had some bad luck, but is reforming. Prince Rupert is losing the battle on the Parliament right. At this point Earl of Essex is continuing to be confident.

Turn 9

Center is pretty much safely reformed again. Right wing is close to attacking the FB cav unit behind the lines. Skippon is flanking Prince Rupert. (Royalists forgot that they Parliament cav did not have LoS to intercept.

Turn 10

A slow turn of setting up. . . . I think most continuations failed.

Turn 11

Prince Rupert finally had some success, but it is probably going to be too little too late.

Turn 12

Out of desperation Royalist center charges. It is a suicide mission. Down below and to the right you can see the tally of the dead so far. Parliament is up by 35 not counting Artillery and strength point loss.

Turn 13

The Royalist probably would have called off the battle awhile ago. But in the spirit of trying to win they chanced it. I feel that I really was able to use the system to my advantage this game, and I really understand the tactics of this time much better.

Turn 17

Above the Fields