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The BPA is about gamers of all levels coming together to enjoy the nuances of a favorite game, and the camaraderie this fosters, from round one to the vaunted Championship Match. Too bad its only once a year. It doesn't have to be. Email is allowing many players who thought they were too busy to rediscover their hobby and keep their games sharp in between conventions. The BPA is going year round with PBeM Tournaments for *selected games. For prospective PBeM GM's, please read the BPA PBeM GM Guidelines

*selected : we got a GM!
Yet To Start Tournaments
Here I Stand
Pro Golf '15 April 1st, 2015 Bruce Monnin
Here I Stand '15 April 9th, 2015 Michael Kiefte

Current Tournaments
PBeM Tounament
The Russian Campaign '15 in progress
Deluxe Bitter Woods 4th Edition '12 in progress
Paths of Glory '13 in progress
Battles of the American Revolution '13 in progress
Victory in the Pacfic '13 in progress
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage '13 in progress
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War '13 in progress
Gettysburg '88 '13 in progress
March Madness '13 in progress
Breakout Normandy '14 in progress
For the People '14 in progress
Tzolkin '14 in progress
March Maddness '15 in progress
Diplomacy '15 in progress
Adel Verpflichtet '15 in progress
Advanced Civilization '15 in progress

War at Sea The Russian Campaign Gangsters Bitter Woods Victory in the Pacific
Breakout Normandy For the People Squad Leader Anzio Up Front
Paths of Glory GCACW Hannibal: RvC Age of Renaissance Republic of Rome
Successors Afrika Corps Ukraine 1776 Wilderness War
Caesar Alesia We the People Royal Tank Corps March Madness Panzer Blitz
Napoleonic Wars Hammer of the Scots Gettysburg '88 Monty's Gamble Panzergruppe Guderian
Barbarossa to Berlin Saratoga & BotAR Manifest Destiny Here I Stand Amun-Re
Shifting Sands Adel Verpflichtet Twilight Struggle Making of the President Patton’s Relief of Bastogne
Stone Age Pro Golf Washington's War Speed Circuit Advanced Civilization

Note: A PBeM tournament can run past two weeks or two years in length, hence the possibility the volunteer PBeM GM, for whatever reason, may not be able to finish out the tournament. The BPA does not guarantee a volunteer replacement GM should this happen.

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