PBeM Tournament Guidelines

The BPA is about active gaming at the higest strata of sportsmanship. The BPA PBeM Tournaments are a perfect extention of this. Like the WBC, BPA PBeM GM's are the lifeblood to 'it all'. Who are these essential and irreplaceable GM's? You..., right?

Below are mostly guidelines, only a few are requirements. A BPA PBeM GM has plenty leeway on how to run his game.

Step 1 : Select a game

Step 2 : The Tounament's Mechanics and Web Sites

Many nuts and bolts for you to decide on, and then post to a web site. Just now the BPA can not post or make web pages for you. There is plenty of free web space avaiable at Wordpress, Googlesites, ect. If you lack HTML skills, hopefully you have a gaming buddy who can help. The BPA will put a link to your site from the BPA site. Nuts and Bolts to ponder:

For a number of these points you must "mandate" a particular way. This means if two players can not agree on how to handle such and such, then 'this way' is the way it will be done. PBeM is a big camp, many gamers with many different ideas on how this or that should work. And these gamers end up PBeMing those of like mind. When you have a torunament, differing minds will meet that otherwise would not have.... Take dice. Some play roll your own, other use an internet die roller. Each does care for the others way, so they don't PBeM one another, and thats fine. In a tournament, these guys will match.

Step 3 : Getting the Word Out

BPA Requirements

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